In this article, we will present the findings of the Wolfgang e-commerce survey in 2016. The survey is based on Google Analytics statistics from over 80 million website sessions and over a quarter of a billion dollars in online revenue from travel and retail websites. The survey calculates the key performance indicators of an e-commerce website (KPI) so you can focus on them to increase conversion to your online business website.

The data strongly confirm the value of SEO optimization. Google is the largest source of traffic (43%) and revenue (42%). SEO traffic from Google has increased organically by 5% over the past year. There is also a strong link between websites with a high percentage of organic traffic from Google and higher than average order values (AOV). From this finding, we can conclude that broad organic coverage will be rewarded with high value customer visits and purchases.

According to statistics, the average conversion rate for e-commerce is 1.48%. For retail sites this percentage is 1.36%. Travel sites in the survey gave an average score of 2.04%. The data indicates that the committed retail customer will visit the retail site several times during the purchase process. On the other hand, buyers are doing a lot of research, but they are also reviewing other sites, online travel agents, travel blogs, etc. before they reach the e-commerce website to check the price and availability before booking. This finding reveals the fact that the retailer has a greater impact on reaching customers towards the purchase than the travel websites that are more dependent on the ecosystem of travel sites.

Other important data is that the strongest correlation seen for higher conversion rates is higher than average traffic and AdWords revenue. The bottom line is that when the website increases its AdWords costs, it adds more traffic to its account and increases its average conversion rate. AdWords accounts for 26% of traffic and 25% of revenue on average.

When you combine an organic result with Google and PPC, you see that Google is responsible for 69% of traffic and 67% of revenue. The results confirm the absolute domination of the search engine as your window to the network.